Climate model uncertainties ripe to be squeezed - - Tue 8 Jan 09:49 GMT

Climate model uncertainties ripe to be squeezed -

The latest climate models and observations offer unprecedented opportunities to reduce the remaining uncertainties in future climate change, according to a paper published in Nature Climate Change by a team of 29 international authors.

  Although the human impact of recent climate change is now clear, future climate change depends on how much additional greenhouse gas is emitted by humanity and also how sensitive the Earth System is to those emissions.

  Reducing uncertainty in the sensitivity of the climate to carbon dioxide emissions is necessary to work-out how much needs to be done to reduce the risk of dangerous climate change, and to meet international climate targets.

  As lead author Veronika Eyring of DLR in Germany explains, "we decided to convene a workshop at the AGCI to discuss how we can make the most of these new opportunties to take climate model evaluation to the next level".

  "When considered together, the latest models and observations can significantly reduce uncertainties in key aspects of future climate change", said workshop co-organiser Peter Cox of the University of Exeter in the UK.

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